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All You Wanted to Know About Soap Making

How to Start a Soap Making Business

soap making business

For most people soap-making is a hobby, which they pursue in their free time. But if you see yourself investing most of your time and energy into thinking new designs for your soap or making a list of all the ingredients that you will need to make a new kind of soap, you should try and take the thought further. Making soaps and selling is still an untapped avenue for making money. If you are really interested in turning your hobby into a business, this initiative will go a long way.

Here is how you can start your own soap-making business

Getting Started

You have to decide for yourself if this is the business you want to pursue. Is it worth quitting your job and making this business your full time obsession? If the answer to the question is yes, then there is no turning back.

Since every business comes with the possibility of not working out, even the soap business comes with the same risk. If you have the right state of mind to accept defeat and experience setbacks in the beginning then you should not think twice before pursuing this business.

Choose your Way

There are two ways of making soaps namely the cold process and the hot process. While both the processes include mixing lye with oil, cold process takes weeks to cure while the hot process cures faster.

What to Put and What Not to Put

Home-made soaps are in great demand because of their ingredients and aroma. The fact that the soap is organic attracts customers who are wary of the ones in the market. People don’t even mind paying a little extra money for home-made products.

If you are planning to launch the business on a large-scale then you need to buy all the ingredients directly from the manufacturer. If you want to take small steps in starting the business, then you can even consider contacting online suppliers.

Whichever method you choose, you will have to deal with lye and chemicals. Simpler soap making techniques involve melting the soap into moulds or using glycerine soap kits. The essentials that you will need are lye, oils, moulds, glycerine, mixers, blenders, microwave, pots and a cutter.

Create your Niche

For your product to stand out and earn profit, you need to figure out the essential selling point of your soap. Whether you specialise in baby soaps or different-shaped soaps for kids or organic soaps with pleasing aroma or guest soaps, it’s all up to you to choose and decide. Make soaps according to your target audience and constantly improve on it.

Get the Appropriate License

If you will be selling home-made soap, then you might have to keep in mind some official documents that you need to sign. Figure out if some extra rules apply to home-run businesses. Talk to the nearest government authority or a friend who is already in this profession. It is always better to be informed about the rules governing you.

Marketing and Selling

It is very important to market your product well. Let your target audience know the specialty of your soap. You can start off the marketing at social media platforms and also create your own website. Since word of mouth is the best publicity, tell your friends, family and neighbours about your new initiative.

You can also organise an exhibition and invite all your friends. When people become aware about your business, they will automatically come to you for more supplies. Keep up to date about the soap industry. Know what your target audience wants in terms of quality and design. Keep on innovating and trying new techniques to market your product.

Why is Soap so Important?

importance of soap

Soap is basically known as a word in chemistry. But, did you know that it is a salt? This contains a fatty acid and is utilized as a form of surfactant for bathing, washing, and cleaning. This is being used as an important component on lubricants and textile spinning. It is really important because it keeps all things tidy and clean and prevents illness and bacteria.

Here are the many reasons why soap is important.

  • Doctors who do not use soap in washing up before a surgery may likely introduce germs to patients. They may also get diseases and illnesses especially if they do not wash their hands properly with the use of soap. Soap is often recommended to be used.
  • On the dishes in the kitchen, they are kept clean and neat as they are washed with the use of soap. Families can prevent themselves from getting sick with old stuff and food. The use of soap in washing the dishes make way for a healthy and clean living.
  • Using soap is important in killing germs and bacteria outside the body. It helps the body in achieving a healthy and clean condition. It also cleanses and refreshes the body, leaving it free from sweat and more germs.
  • Hand washing with the use of soap is the most inexpensive and most effective way of preventing pneumonia and diarrheal diseases. These illnesses are responsible in the increase rate of child deaths.
  • Hands often carry and spread bacteria as they are used to touch the hair, nose, face and hand. More so, hands are often in contact with animal feces or human feces, contaminated water or foods. They are known to transport parasites, viruses and bacteria to different hosts. Through proper hand washing with the use of soap; the transmission of illnesses and diseases can be eliminated. The use of soap also helps in pulling dirt and freeing oily or greasy oils from the skin. Along with warm water, the soils and dirt are suspended and the germs are trapped.

Soap helps clean clothing, bed sheets and the like by removing stains, germs, toxic contaminants and soil. It also sanitizes and cleans dishware in the kitchen sink.

Soap is made up of moisturizing properties that prevents irritation and dryness on skin. One can expect for a good feel with its exciting and new scents. Apart from it, the skin is left feeling smoother and softer.

In regard with the economic importance of soap, it aids for better hygiene that saves lives. For instance, it is by far estimated that four million newborn babies died every year; with ninety-nine percent that occur in middle-income and low-income countries.

According to a recent study, it was found out that newborn babies with birth attendants that do not wash their hands but assist in the delivery have twenty-five percent risk of death.

Proper hand washing with the use of soap helps save lives and prevents diseases. This further leads to the prevention of diseases. As a result, this often leads to great savings for a country. The immune systems of the people are improved that even respiratory and diarrheal diseases are prevented from spreading in the contaminated environments.

How to Make Soap?

how to make soap

Saponification is a known term for making soap. This is better known as a chemical reaction that takes place between lye and oil. Its importance lies in the properties and values that contribute more in making soap. Actually, the oils help in making soap products such as foot scrubs, lip balms, face creams, shampoos, creams, and lotions.

Actually, making soap is an inexpensive and satisfying way of providing the needs of the family. It can start from utilizing a kit. However, starting from the scratch allows you of choosing ingredients and customizing the soap that best fit on your needs. The cold process technique may be relied upon on making soap.

Here is a step-by step process that is involved in making soap:

First, there is a need to provide all ingredients such as coconut oil, vegetable shortening, olive oil, lye or sodium hydroxide, distilled or spring water, essential oil like lavender, rose, lemon or peppermint.

Second, the ingredients are fully combined at their perfect temperature. They are hardened into soap under the process called as saponification. It is best to go and visit the nearest grocery or craft store to purchase all of the listed ingredients.

Afterwards, there is a need to set up the workspace on making soap. It may be easy to clear up the space inside the kitchen; where all of the ingredients are heated on the stove. You are about to work with a lye that is an unsafe chemical; ensure that pets and children are not around while you are working on it.

Spread newspaper or paper on a table and then assemble the equipments. The equipments may be sourced from the craft store or online store such as rubber gloves, safety goggles, a weighing scale, enamel kettle, plastic pitcher, measuring cup, wooden or plastic spoons, thermometers, plastic molds and multiple towels. Apart from it, there is a need to learn more on working with lye. There are safety warnings that must be understood first before making soap.

The next process that must be done is on mixing the ingredients. Measure twelve ounces of lye; thirty-two ounces of cold water; and then add lye into the water. Then, the oils are combined, measured and exposed on the right temperature. The lye and essential oil are as well added.

Subsequently, the soap is to be poured into the mold. The mold is covered with towels that help in insulating the soap. Saponification occurs that the soap is left undisturbed, covered and free from air drafts for twenty four hours.

Then, the soap goes through the heat process and gel stage for twenty-four hours. The soap is then uncovered and is allowed to sit for the next twelve hours.

Finally, the soap is unmolded by turning the box and allowing it to fall on a clean surface or towel. The soap is cut into bars with the use of tension such as a sharp knife, fishing line of nylon string. It is also allowed to cure and is set above the parchment paper. Allow the process of saponification to be completed; the soap is turned after weeks and is dried on both sides.
The soap is cured by allowing it to sit and exposing it into the air for one month. When it is completely cured, it can now be used at home or as a gift to closest friends.

With the step-by-step process involved in making soap, you are on your way to making your own!

How Much Does Good Soap Cost?

soap cost

Soap making is a profitable business wherein soap makers can earn a lot of money. People behind this business do not just earn a lot of money but they are also enjoying what they are doing since soap making is an enjoyable activity. In the process, they are developing their skills in creating and combining different soap ingredients in order to form a fragrant and unique type of soap that can be sold in the market.

When it comes to selling the soap, people must always consider the quality of the soap that they are going to sell before they have a mark price on it. It is very important that people must always consider the quality and quantity of the soap in order to encourage customers to buy their product. It is a great challenge for both soap maker and soap businesses to create good type of soap that will completely appeal and get the interest of the consumers.

For people who are still looking for the answer in their questions regarding how much does good soap cost, all they have to do is to assess the quality and effectiveness of the soap that they have created. It should always start with the expenses that you spent in making your soap, which include the materials and soap ingredients. Apart from the materials, you also need to consider the effectiveness and the durability of the soap. If the soap is proven to be very effective and can last longer for at least weeks or months depending on its use, even if how high the price is more people will still be catering and rushing to purchase your product since they are more on the effectiveness and quality of your soap.

Good soap costs may vary depending on how the soapis being created and its effectiveness upon used. It is very important that soap makers must have the knowledge of these matters before they are going to mark a fixed price of their soap. Good soap costs a bit higher provided that you are completely assured that using it would allow you to fell complete satisfaction and experience a quick effect upon using it. However, there are also good soaps which are of lower prices but still providing the people an effective effect.

People need to consider that good soap costs may be higher or lower, depending on its quality and effectiveness. They need to make sure that when purchasing a soap, they are not only looking for its price but also on its quality. This would not just help you to save money but prevent skin diseases and allergies brought about by harsh chemicals used in creating some types of soap.